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Beautiful 3D Looking One Piece Flamed Tiger Maple Back Antique German Violin. Made in Germany Full Size 4/4 14 Inches,...
Price: $ 1,050.00
President Abraham Lincoln Original Photo CDV Grant Civil War Lot Brady
I am Selling This Lot of 50 Images, 38 CDV's and 12 TinTypes, also Includes an Old Photo Album that...
Price: $ 3,500.00
1948 buick
1948 buick for sale, too many extras...
Price: $ 21,000.00
1960 Corvette Convertible *Red/Red
1960 Corvette Convertible. Roman Red exterior with a Red interior and a White soft top. Nice body with driver quality...
Price: $ 8,500.00
I am Taking Best Offers on this Extraordinarily Rare and highly sought after, Original Photograph CDV Civil War Era For...
Price: $ 0.00
Original Photo of Soon to be President ULYSSES S. GRANT. 1864 LIEUTENANT GENERAL CDV Photo by Mathew Brady Civil War...
Price: $ 499.00
Would like to trade for Blown cars, Camaro, chevelle, Nova, or 60's Vette. I'm only 5' 7" so must be...
Price: $ 0.00
Sell My Car Online Fast Pay Cash
I Need Someone to Sell My Car Online Fast, Paying Cash, Serious Buyers Needed. 1982 Cadillac in Good Condition. I...
Price: $ 3,900.00
Vintage Slot 1940 Daval Trade Stimulator Coin Token American Eagle
3 Coins For $11.00 with Free Shipping (contact me for Details) or a Lot of 80 US Coins For $120,...
Price: $ 120.00
1964 Pontiac Bonneville - Antique
This classic 1964 Pontiac Bonneville was well taken care of and it is very clean! The interior has white leather...
Washington/Meadow Lands/Pittsburgh Area
Price: $ 12,900.00
Electric Generator Gen Pro 2500 Watts Sharon Pa
Portable Generator For Sale. Gas Powered Gen Pro Electric, Generates 2500 Watts of Power, Local Pick up, Sharon Pa...
Price: $ 0.00
Used Recycled Oil Burner Large Heater Sharon Pa
Large Used Oil Burner Heater For Sale, Uses Old Recycled Oil for Heat,Used in Automotive Shop, Really Heats up, Local...
Price: $ 275.00
GE Westinghouse Eskimo Fan Antique Metal 1940s 1950s
3 Antique Fans GE Westinghouse Eskimo Metal For Sale, 1930s 1940s 1950s. Best Offer Takes all three! Local Pick up...
Price: $ 0.00
Mid Century Modern Illinois Siegler Enamel Range Heater
Antique Mid Century Modern Siegler Enamel Range Co. Centralia Illinois Oil Heater-Range For Sale. Model 247UBN. Local Pick up Sharon...
Price: $ 225.00
Mid Century Modern Franklin Shockey 1950s Sculptured Pine Dresser
Mid Century Modern Franklin Shockey Lexington NC 1950s Sculptured Pine Eight 8 Drawer Bedroom Dresser,Good Condition, Must Sell, Local Pick...
Price: $ 260.00
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1956 Oldsmobile Delta 88 American Classic in Chickasha, OK

2015-07-03 06:01:44 admin

1956 Oldsmobile Delta 88 American Classic in Chickasha, OK
1956 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Convertible American Classic. This Oldsmobile Delta 88 is in attractive condition and needs some restoration.-Rare 1956 Delta 88 Convertible-All original-Original 324 cid V8 Engine and push button Automatic Transmission-Garage kept last twenty years no rust or dents-Interior Top Floorboards etc in attractive shape. Note. See below for history.-The Oldsmobile 88 a.k.a. Eighty 8 was a fullsize car sold by the Oldsmobile division of General Motors and produced from 1949 until 1999. -From 1950 to 1974 the 88 was the divisions top selling line particularly the entry level models such as the 88 and Dynamic 88. -The 88 series was also an image leader for Oldsmobile particularly in the early years 1949 thru 1951 when it was 1 of the best performing automobiles thanks to its relatively small size light weight and advanced overhead valve high compression V8 engine originally designed for the larger C bodied and more luxurious 98 series but it also replaced the straight eight on the smaller B
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Chickasha
State: OK
1956 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Ameri,50-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___STfBo_Q4jZrLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wo4N-Mgcx91Lrpyly1IAb7zd4Bihh07kVbs-9rl1iPtJp3a6e_WL4cNx9qRUpltQPthAFoKOVxvy8RG0TI5-AEDGFJP7k8UVd52rr5WJpx55j3nSpVaexVoIJOXs1Ca6b4a7wbBPTxznFpwypQkqH2DKsP7gwVM18-MF8pUyFcZY,

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Used 1949 International KB2 For Sale

2015-07-03 06:01:39 admin

Used 1949 International KB2 For Sale
1949 International KB2. Why this 1949 International KB2 Pickup is highly collectible, Prewar look
Category: Trucks
Location: Tavares
State: FL
Used 1949 International KB2 Fo,384-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___Ox89-KXKyAHLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSGruYUlzAZb-K_d-1LHlJzZfs-p5iEJPeo2dOIBBib4W-ctaY3KIYLmSC9K_VmTnYwmcE5i5ULSgfj3SGdb297aGx756nXKSI19Ezjuwlp5Gm9O9nQ47PxXBflG7IckTW0,

Posted in: 1949Tagged in: carsoodlecomcategorycollectiblectaykiylmsckhighlyhttpinbmmxwshkqwiuisgruyulzazbInternationalkxkyahlleevwsahbxolhljzzfslocationlookpickuppiejpeodoibbibwprewarsalestatetavaresthisTrucksusedvmtnywmceiulsgfjsgdbagxnxksiezjuwlpgmonqpxxbflgicktw Read more... 0 comments

1937 Chevrolet GA Master Deluxe Antique in Modesto , CA

2015-07-03 06:01:35 admin

1937 Chevrolet GA Master Deluxe Antique in Modesto , CA
1937 Chevrolet Sedan Project. Drop from 12500 to 10500 firm. Really Straight Car Roomy Chevrolet 2
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Modesto
State: CA
1937 Chevrolet GA Master Delux,91-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___L8gPdMp74ufLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wxDKK4mXEpfyAI__Fmi2gt5fNxRBHKCxr2QbvdNiEOqB-1IXgEkLeJ0rHyqnZJ4Zmbemi2V9VZiwQQIaKxunCC0rOEZpfTHCK4CLtWTM9r0HYM2jRO5LxHUMexpFiRnGJZHaIDfbQiD_q8WxhGIvK2khQtXqPX_VM

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1937 Ford Cabriolet

2015-07-03 06:01:29 admin

1937 Ford Cabriolet
1937 Ford Cabriolet For Sale by Haggle Me – Michigan
Category: Classic Cars
1937 Ford Cabriolet,304-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___d0pubx2U6_zLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wxDKK4mXEpfyvU6K-PzWFZygzTmMFsfD9ro-f8B5WD8hg0DTJLSlT_xH4C2oiV5HPSaqTs1FSDishqoo5i84ZcCATNgpmXfVW3NiRttg7ggAG78JSkT-JjA,,

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1972 Dodge Charger American Classic in Vancouver, WA

2015-07-03 06:01:28 admin

1972 Dodge Charger American Classic in Vancouver, WA
The This \’72 Dodge Charger SE has all new and original parts. Its fully loaded and is in an excellent running condition. Its got a spic n span interior and its very well maintained. Complete financing extended warranty along with insurance option is available. Contact seller for more details and other details. Stock #: C72422L
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Vancouver
State: WA
1972 Dodge Charger American Cl,28-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___L8gPdMp74ufLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wokkKkhg-mozYIXQO-v5RpcYcWquIQWDtSi7fw51Rz3GIY241qF6VA7nc32Zk9iF0kZycoaZrsCENGjB0GnA1p7ceGMxJTJu2kZycoaZrsCHYM2jRO5LxHUMexpFiRnGJZHaIDfbQiD_q8WxhGIvK2khQtXqPX_VM

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