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1967 chrysler imperial mobile director

very rare barn director was desinged for executives and film industry. under 100 made. 2 in museums and 2...


Price: $0.00

Gamewell Police Telegraph Cincinnati Call Box Vintage Original

Taking best offers, ORIGINAL Vintage Gamewell Police Telegraph Call Box by Gamewell Co Newton Mass in Original Condition, looks to...

Price: $3,100.00

Daval American Eagle Slot Machine Gumball Trade Simulator Fruit 1940s

SOLD! Daval American Eagle Slot Machine Gumball Trade Simulator 1930s Fruit Reel 1940s 1 Cent For Sale, Super Clean, Excellent...

Price: $475.00

1966 Amplifier Country Blues Rock Alamo Fury 80 Watts

Rare 1966 Alamo Fury Guitar Amplifier For Sale. Model 2566, 3 Inputs, Sylvania Tubes, Rear Speaker Out, This 80 Watt...

Price: $800.00

1972 Nova $26,000 OBO

72 Nova 1100 mi. on car, 0 mi. Engine * New Bumper to Bumper * 362 430 HP. 419...

Price: $26,000.00

53 3100 frame and suspension.

I have a 1953 chevy 3100 5 window frame, front and rear axles, steering box, springs and 3 speed manual...


Price: $0.00

1964 dodge custom 880

1964 dodge custom 800 2 door hardtop no post, 2nd owner, grandmother bought new, solid car, new transmission 727, cam,...

Price: $4,000.00

1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster

1946 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 350 crate motor,700 R4 trans, only 8400 miles on motor...

Price: $21,500.00

1956 Chevrolet Gasser

1956 Chevrolet Gasser!!! OWN AND DRIVE A TRUE PIECE OF HOT ROD HISTORY!!! Fresh 489 cubic inch Big Block Chevy...


Price: $27,500.00

1965 Plymouth Satellite Viper

1965 PLYMOUTH Satellite Viper Red W/ Black Int.440 torker III intake molley carb- mild cam TTI headers w/ flowmasters...

Price: $27,500.00

Pioneer Car Stereo FH 5000 MP3 CD Tapes

Pioneer Car Stereo FH 5000 MP For Sale in Excellent Condition, Plays MP3's, Cassette Tapes and CD's...


Price: $190.00

Cool Wood Diy Projects Diy Craft Projects

I are looking at all possible easy Really Cool Wood Projects. This really is virtually impossible to see Thankyou...

Price: $5.00

Trade 57 ford parts for 57 ford windshields

Willing to trade two 57 ford 6 cylinder motors, and 3 speed overdrive, for four front windshields, for the 57...

Loon Lake

Price: $0.00

Chevy Seat Covers 2007 Chevrolet Silverado

2007 Chevy Seat Covers Chevrolet Silverado, slightly used, good condition only 6 months old. Made from Scuba Material paid $500...


Price: $350.00

1956 Dodge Pickup Truck For Sale

Rare 1956 Dodge Pickup Truck For Sale Near Pittsburgh PA. 98,000 Original Miles 6 Cylinder Flat Head 3 Speed Transmission...


Price: $9,500.00

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1959 Chevrolet 3200 Stepside

1959 Chevrolet 3200 Stepside
Very nice truck from Front bumper to the tips of the exhaust. Painted a very Lucid Shiraz Red inside and out-22in rims with new tires no modification needed to fit so original wheels and tires still available-Front and rear fenders replaced with new ones-Rechromed grill-Tail light Bezels all new-Steering is converted to power and tilt-New Bomber jacket Bench seat-Cd system Stereo with Am Fm Xm Mp3 iPod USB Ports-New front discs and rotors and back drum brakes-Brake lines replaced with stainless and new master brake cylinder-New clutch and transmission-Fully equipped with all options for optimum performance and comfort-Nothing has been done mechanically or cosmetically to compromise integrity of originality- Always maintained meticulously on schedule with nothing but premium fluids parts and service every time. Full financing professional nationwide shipping and extended warranties are all available on approved credit Stock #: C74813L Click contact link below for more details.
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Los Angeles
State: CA,2-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___Ijxpt3Pz2_HLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wo4N-Mgcx91Lhtni0AGYjk7GM6UfEWPGoYdOB88PN4x68G-IVN-mhA8eNYFojL3lLOoZodRe0uFH-SyDr2zLwazA4JUyyyc7qIYANwUvNrbsTQg3DxTyVeTHuOBrQntMCyBIT_NDo4cE,

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Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0 miles

Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0 miles
Purchase this beautiful 1958 Ford Thunderbird located near Cicero NY.
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Cicero
State: NY
Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0,61-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___s2xsDvKzmlHLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSEMkRaB05QakPuWq7zycN3QgOTooRu2_acS8DTX7rFyKUM60f-MrMKVCJxFWq4eLvRBoZ_pe23QvWWXmpJBi09yPxm2R7TNimg4s31XI7yU00urSO2Zl0fZJjrlfEhucZ0,

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Used 1953 Ford Customline for sale.

Used 1953 Ford Customline for sale.
This is a very nice car. Car drives straight with the Mustang II front suspension and stops great with the disk brakes up front. AIR CONDITIONED blows cold, powered steering works as it should and the car runs well. Paint is in very like-new condition and the body is very straight. Not many of these cars out there in this terrific condition and with the modern upgrades. Thanks for looking!
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Gatesville
State: TX
Used 1953 Ford Customline for,128-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___x2hQS5BHkmPLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSGZpXIZNIlR7uWgJ-gNsWmB3uHCBM6yA0CnraDVWtFQZepEMQqzTFGtsGQonx6OpEjJ6HOhLrpRBtgzaNE7kvEdQx7GkWJGcYlkdogN9tCIP-rxbGEYi8raSFC1eo9f9Uw,

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1969 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst - Omaha,Nebraska

1969 Oldsmobile 442 Hurst – Omaha,Nebraska
a few original cars. Including a couple of 1970 W30 4 gear
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Omaha
State: NE,62-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___NjuKjoDckHLLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wUPUIgWVpZ_fmXq2WkF9V5KIS2fVJW97wt-4g-0izQfsVh327JYq69YkGNWV74E8X-_FmCbLt2FmXnYapDvexdaWDHlJd5DEFNmLZDU__aFhEgM9ZDmzLtH-VvZBlY0FA9QpTePoj2OZKlN0UVpT-YA,,

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Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0 miles

Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0 miles
2011 Dodge Grand Caravan Mainstreet
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Morrow
State: GA
Used 1958 Ford Thunderbird , 0,25-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___s2xsDvKzmlHLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSEMkRaB05QakPuWq7zycN3QgOTooRu2_acS8DTX7rFyKT6_kxp2OmorEywu7subvWG-up1jOpwTsGWXmpJBi09yPxm2R7TNimg4s31XI7yU00urSO2Zl0fZJjrlfEhucZ0,

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1971 california original rust fee 2500 custom truck

1971 california original rust fee 2500 custom truck
From southern california rust free mostly original except for a paint job GMC 2500 long bed Custom package very rare with factory totaly original ac powered steering and power brake.very clean body with very little to non body filler.rust free all under neat.perfect bed with high-quality spray in bedliner.original interior .original seat cover wore on the driver side and is vinyl and blue cloth factory original rubber carpet.all guages and speedometer work and the odometer is showing 73564 mis.the truck was purchased by a GI from San Diego area and then was taken to Yuma Arizona .there because of the hot sun the top clear coat got cooked in places .the paint job was perfect till then but now the hhod and the top of the bed and the top of the fenders and top of the cab have some clear coat top paint deteriation.the truck has original drive tran which is a 350 V8 4 bbL with…
Category: Trucks
Location: Houston
State: TX
1971 california original rust,19-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___OMn82V-AO7jLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wokkKkhg-moy6B7BNC0SQvnT2TeOs5Xnso3YCxOCAOkyVZ2jOWd-rqyGfkCz0H_VSTxYip2PfSMH9fBymYky5vuIDq-P062Azr1jsVaOwlo-CCTl7NQmum-Gu8GwT08c5xacMqUJKh9gyrD-4MFTNfPjBfKVMhXGW

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Used 1955 Chevrolet Corvette , 0 miles

Used 1955 Chevrolet Corvette , 0 miles
Purchase this beautiful 1955 Chevrolet Corvette located near San Diego CA.
Category: Classic Cars
Location: San Diego
State: CA
Used 1955 Chevrolet Corvette ,,3-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___NjuKjoDckHLLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSEe4VoRDyRMS7BXeJ-mD68_uDpbSMmS1KNEGwEJrAa1LJsPaHgGjLNAXvE85NB5Nm4grXDngMRbvSNG7_RkTIURNmLZDU__aFhEgM9ZDmzLtH-VvZBlY0FA9QpTePoj2OZKlN0UVpT-YA,,

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Used 1970 Dodge Challenger for sale.

Used 1970 Dodge Challenger for sale.
Email me at : Dodge built 2,400 Challenger T/A’s in 1970, and today
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Milwaukee
State: WI,17-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___x2hQS5BHkmPLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSFJbs860cEuOO4FbP5NC8oXgDkDA7xMl7JxvQKtIQxraQmwic7rAj-TcmectHr9OH7t0yWbzB0TqNgzaNE7kvEdQx7GkWJGcYlkdogN9tCIP-rxbGEYi8raSFC1eo9f9Uw,

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Used 1966 Chevrolet Corvette , 0 miles

Used 1966 Chevrolet Corvette , 0 miles
2014 Buick Regal Turbo/e-Assist Premium I
Category: Classic Cars
Location: Florence
State: KY
Used 1966 Chevrolet Corvette ,,14-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___x2hQS5BHkmPLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSGfllqV8jcnsbBXeJ-mD68_uDpbSMmS1KNEGwEJrAa1LP4mEEc4_ykd6dSTB7H7x6mDzLn7nSsnKdgzaNE7kvEdQx7GkWJGcYlkdogN9tCIP-rxbGEYi8raSFC1eo9f9Uw,

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Used 1966 Ford Fairlane , 0 miles

Used 1966 Ford Fairlane , 0 miles
Purchase this beautiful 1966 Ford Fairlane located near New Castle DE.
Category: Classic Cars
Location: New Castle
State: DE
Used 1966 Ford Fairlane , 0 mi,8-C97A177780F8/cars.oodle.com___QMe3qWEukFLLlEEVwsAHBXo_iNbmmX7wsHk7QwIUiSHDE1o-uIX99p8oE5iGISLS_nYh0xU-RoEzqEgHMaNYD4dOS42sp8vXrNlw2483MfcLSMwj4TXFe0mqk7NRUg4rIaqKOYvOGXAgEzYKZl31VtzYkbbYO4IABu_CUpE_iYw,

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